BRIGHTHELM JACK RUSSELL TERRIERS since 1974-we weren't born yesterday! 

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Louie of Brighthelm 1974-1988 (see photo) was our first Jack Russell Terrier. He came with us from the UK to Australia in 1981, accompanied by his daughter Brighthelms Alice Springs, and our dear Tammy Of Brighthelm.

Louie sired many pups in NSW,Victoria and Queensland with some of his progeny finding their way to Western Australia (Wellington Beau) and Tasmania. Notable sons of Louie were IBM Gaffer and IBM Jeremy. Yaramala Terri- Jeremy's daughter was one of the earliest foundation bitches for Myrmidon, a large breeder from the mid 80s on.

After Louie died we bought IBM Gaffer (Louie x IBM Jessamyn) from Julie Edwards in Victoria, and following the recognition in Australia of the Jack Russell, Gaffer became the oldest known Champion at the grand old age of 12!

Ch Brighthelm Pirili (Peewee) 1986-2000 was the first Jack Russell Bitch Challenge winner in NSW, and her daughter- my beloved Hattie

Ch Brighthelm Harriet ET NE 1992-2005

had 3 titles- Australian Champion, Novice Earthdog and Endurance

Hattie's daughter Ch Brighthelm Cantarta (Philly) won her title in fine fashion winning 2 Best In Terrier Groups!

The next generations see us with

Ch Brighthelm Figaro (Paddy) (Ch Macbraedly Union Jack x Ch Brighthelm Cantarta), a tall boy, but well balanced and SPANNABLE

and Ch Brighthelm Giselle (Lucy) and Brighthelm Isolde (Izzzzzy) both Paddy's daughters- and we musn't forget their mother Grace!!!

Ch Brighthelm Madrigal (Molly) who is Lucy's daughter to Ch Carisbrooke Earl O Essex (Teddy)

and- last but by no means least-

The Beautiful Polly- Champion Brighthelm No No Nanette- who acheived her Championship very easily in only a few outings! My thanks to David and Julie (and Bonnie) for allowing me to take Polly away for the day, and weekends

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Sarah Gaffikin
Nsw, NSW, Australia
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